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We provide up to 80 diapers on the first week of service. On the second week we’ll pick up the dirty diapers, and resupply your stock of clean diapers.  Place the used diapers at your front door (or prearranged spot) by 10:00 am the morning of the delivery day, and when you come home there will be a fresh stash of clean diapers for the following week.

During the week put the diapers in the bin after shaking off what is shakable. Getting poop off is not necessary but it helps with odor. On delivery day mark on the bag how many clean diapers you have remaining and we will re-stock accordingly.

We try to balance the numbers of diapers used and the storage of extra diapers. On one hand, we don’t want you to have to store a lot of unused diapers, on the other we would hate for you to run out of diapers. We start with 80 diapers for newborns, and are happy to work with you to find the appropriate number of diapers for your family.  If you run out of diapers please call us, we are happy to make arrangements to supply more before the next delivery day.

Our goal is to make cloth diapering work for you. Please let us know if there are hang-ups or hurdles with which we can help. We’d be happy to schedule a time to share our tips and tricks. 

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