Using GroVia:
GroVia has put together a wonderful set of instructions and a video on how to use their hybrid diaper system. We encourage you to visit their website or The Natural Baby Company at Oak and Rouse.

Cloth Diapering has been around since cloth. Our "throwaway culture" has made disposable diapers the norm and cloth diapers are new to many people. It does take a little work and knowledge but we think it is a much cleaner, safer, and more responsible way to diaper. Along with doing the washing, we want to help by providing some resources that have been useful for us:
Using Trifolds or Prefolds:
They are called trifold or prefolds because traditionally diapers were one large piece of cloth that needed to be folded, usually in thirds. In the 1950' a diaper service folded and sewed them together making them more convenient. They have been the staple of diaper services ever since.

Cloth daipering resources

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