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More detailed Terms of service:

Should you forget to put the diapers out, we will try to get in touch to make arrangements.  If we can’t get in touch we will leave a supply of diapers to get you through the week.  If additional days are missed we will add a $20 surcharge to the following bill. 

Diapers, are the property of Sprout Diaper Service and we keep a running tally of diapers in your possession. If the counts of diapers becomes inconsistent we will bill clients for the items that are unaccounted for.

We will provide one week notice for changes in delivery schedule (for example, holidays). Please provide a 24-hour notice for modifications of quantity sizing, or suspensions of service.

If you will be out of town we can suspend your service and provide a one week discount.  This means we won’t be at your house for the week you are out.  Prior to your leaving we will pick up your dirties and resupply you with clean diapers.  Then we will skip the next delivery and resume normal service the following week.  We need to know of your trips, in advance, in order to plan the skipped week (and thus be eligible for the credit).

We bill on the first delivery day of the month for the upcoming month. You may leave payment with the diapers the following week or send a check.

Please know that the first month of service is non-refundable.